Bird of Paradise - 1 Plant - Kenya Gather® Plant

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The Bird of Paradise plant is one of the most exciting houseplants or garden plant; if you are lucky to live in the tropics.  The unique flower shape and blue to orange coloration really does resemble the beautiful Bird of Paradise (bird), and is always a delight to onlookers.  The thick blue-green foliage is beautiful as an accent plant when out of bloom.  Easily grown in containers with bright light and a consistent feeding schedule (see below).  Equally easy in the landscape with proper fertilization and consistently moist soil.  A very rewarding plant to try your green thumb out on. Once received pot up into a large pot (2 - 5 gallon soil volume recommended), or add to a tropical landscape.
Mature Plant Size: 3'-5' Tall, 24" Spread  
Bloom Time: Fall - Winter
Light Exposure: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained, Good potting medium/5.5-7.5 
Hardiness Zones: 9-11 (Tropical Regions, Houseplant Elsewhere)
Container Sizes:  2 Gallon Pots(3 Year Old Plants, 2'-3' tall)
Fertilizer: Every two weeks in containers and once a month when in the ground with an all purpose fertilizer (we use fish emulsion).
Shipping Information: These are large plants and included in the price is a $30 extra shipping charge for packaging and the extra freight charges we incur.  Thank you!

$20 dollars of each plant sold goes to Kenya Gather®.  To learn more about Kenya Gather visit the site at

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