Sedum 'Jelly Bean', Jelly Bean Plant

Sedum 'Jelly Bean', Jelly Bean Plant

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The rounded leaves of this succulent resemble jelly beans or baked beans.  The leaves are bright green in lower light conditions and turn bronze in full sun.  In intermediate light the leaves are green with reddish bronze tips.  A very fast growing sedum, but likewise is easy to maintain in a pot or in the landscape.  Water less and fertilize less to keep compact.  Increase both water and fertilizer if you want a larger stand.  Once size is achieved you can maintain it by drying out the soil in between waterings and minimizing fertilizer applications.  A great houseplant in most areas of the United States or landscape plant in tropical regions.
Mature Plant Size: 6"-8" Tall, 8"-10" Wide
Bloom Time: Summer
Light Exposure: Full Sun
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/6.0-7.5 
Hardiness Zones: 9-11 (will not tolerate frost)
Fertilizer: In containers feed once or twice a month with a diluted all purpose liquid fertilizer.  In the ground apply a bit of compost or an all purpose granular fertilizer at planting.  They require little fertilizer and will be unruly if over-fertilized.
Containers Size: 4.5" Pot

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