Sweet Marjarom Plants

Sweet Marjarom Plants

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Sweet marjoram, is a tender perennial that has a sweet taste and aroma.  Often used in breads, pizza and tomato sauce, tea, and herb mixes it's take is similar to oregano.  Other uses include adding to salads, desserts, rice, pasta, and egg dishes.  Truly the sky is the limit.   The key to cooking with marjoram is to add it at the end of the cooking process; due to tender leaves being easily overcooked.  Due to marjoram being a tender perennial in most areas of the US the winter will kill it, which is actually a perk compared growing invasive oregano in the garden setting.  In zones 9&10 it will thrive but is normally grown throughout the winter, as it hates extreme heat and humidity.
Mature Plant Size: 12"-24" Tall, 18"-20" Spread  
Bloom Time: Summer (can be pinched to discourage blooms)
Light Exposure: Full Sun
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/6.0-7.0 
Hardiness Zones: 9-10 (does not grow well in hot and humid climates)
Fertilizer: Apply compost or an all purpose granular fertilizer prior to planting in the garden.  Apply an all purpose liquid every two weeks in containers.
Container Size: 4.5" Pot,

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