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Alcea Spotlight 'Mars Magic'

Hollyhocks, were a staple in gardens of yesteryear and have somewhat fallen off the radar.  While, still loved by many there is a hinderance at times to grow them because of foliage rust, short lived nature, or their shorter bloom seasons.  The seedsman at Jelitto have been improving perennials for years and likewise it is contested they have done it again with the spotlight series.  We haven't officially tested this series but have heard great things and will be testing them this fall through next summers bloom period.   They are stated to be true perennials, more tolerant to disease, and longer blooming.   Until our trials are complete we won't guarantee them under our perennial warranty.
Mature Plant Size: 5'-6' Tall, 2' Spread
Bloom Time: June-August 
Light Exposure: Full Sun  
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/6.0-7.5 
Hardiness Zones: 3-9
Fertilizer: If using compost apply an 1" at planting time and side dress annually in late fall or early spring.  If using a granular fertilizer, we recommend organic formulations, apply an all purpose formula in early spring annually.  It is only recommended to use liquid fertilizers when the growth is slow, and this is not normally needed. 
Container Size: 4.5" Pot

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