Canary Melon - 1 Plant

  • $ 5.95

The canary melon is a football sized melon with an extremely sweet flesh and bright yellow rinds.  Produces a good yield and the rinds are less susceptible to rotting as cantaloupes can be.  If you don't like cantaloupes this variety is more like honeydew in taste; as it doesn't have the pungency just a sweet flesh.
Fruit Size: 4-10 lbs
Spacing: 24" apart w/ rows 5'-6' apart, allow at least 50 square feet in small gardens
Days to Maturity90-100
FertilizerApply an all purpose fertilizer at planting and side dress again a month after planting.  We prefer organic formulations for better soil health.  Fertilize weekly with a liquid fertilizer, like fish emulsion, if growth is slow.
Container Size: 4.5" Pot, 2 plants/pot

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