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Leek 'King Sieg' Plants - 25 Plants

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Leek 'King Sieg' is a cross between 'King Richard' and 'Siegfried Frost'.  This cross couples the hardiness of 'Siegfried Frost' and the quick growing capabilities of 'King Richard', for a fast maturing leek that over-winters in mild climates (zones 7 and up).  The large shanks measure up to 3" in diameter by 8" long, are tender, and have a mild onion flavor.  The plants are good keepers and will hold in the garden over a long harvest window; especially if planted in spring for a fall/winter harvesting.
Mature Shank Size: 1.5” diameter x 8” long 
Spacing: 3"-6", with rows 18" apart
Days to Maturity: 84 for spring plantings and almost doubled for a fall transplant, they can be harvested smaller if acquired
Offer Size: 25 plant bunch
Fertilizer Recipe: 2 cups feather meal, 1 cup bone meal, and 1 cup kelp meal lightly scratched into soil before planting.  You can also use an all purpose granular fertilizer at planting.  Then, fertilize every two weeks with fish emulsion or similar product.

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