Leek 'Blue Solaise' Plants

  • $ 2.95

Blue solaise has vivid slate blue leaves and is a strong over-wintering variety.  The shanks are average size and tightly wrapped with smaller scales than our other varieties.  The flavor is best described as sweet onion.  When, used fresh this leek has a slight onion bite, but it cooks out to a sweet onion flavor when roasted or caramelized.  This awesome leek can be planted in spring and will last until the following spring in the garden.  A beautiful variety of leek for showing off in the garden.  The leaves take on purple hues in winter for another beautiful display.
Mature Shank Size: 1.5” diameter x 8” long 
Spacing: 3"-6", with rows 18" apart
Days to Maturity: 110
Offer Size: 25 plant bunch
When to plant: When soil is workable in spring until the beginning of July; later in southern regions.
Fertilizer Recipe: 1 cup feather meal, 1 cup blood meal, 1 cup bone meal, and 1 cup kelp meal lightly scratched into soil before planting.  You can also use an all purpose granular fertilizer at planting.  Then, fertilize every two weeks with fish emulsion or a similar product during the summer months.

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